Chouffe 10 miles

From €12.00 €15.00


The design of the Chouffe 10 miles T-shirt will be similar to the example of the Chouffe Trail. ( also yellow )
I avoid a queue on the day of the event and would like to receive my bibg number 1-2 weeks before the event to the address provided in my Larssie account.
Because we respect the environment we do not provide disposable plastic cups. So you have to bring a drinking cup or bottle yourself
By default you are NOT insured through the organization for physical injuries during the race.
Determine the amount to be refunded in the event of cancellation of the event
Registration possible until 19-09-2021

8 - 16 - 32km

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Official webpage of the Chouffe 10 miles This event is part of the Runners' Lab Trailrunseries.

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